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The selected packages composed of Pivac Brothers Meat Industry products can be ordered through our web shop. The Vrgorac, Tradicija, Pivac and Mirakul packages give the best picture of the tradition and quality of our family production of cured meat products. Order them from the comfort of your own home.


Mirakul Package

From the rich palette of our products, let us highlight the Mirakul Package that brings the finest products from our offer to your table or the table of your loved ones. May the fragrance and aroma of our products, suitable for all kinds of celebrations, family or friendly gatherings, fill your home too.

Paket Mirakul

  • Package Contents:

    • Vrgorac Prosciutto (1.2 kg)
    • Pancetta 1/6 (0.35 kg)
    • Karst Cured Pork Neck ½ (0.60 kg)
    • Winter Salami½ (0.60 kg)
    • Tea Salami ½ (0.35 kg)
    • Red Pepper Flavored Salami ½ (0.35 kg)
    • Minimum guaranteed package weight: 3.20 kg

  • Gift: Surprise package
  •  Price: HRK 400.00

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Tradicija Package

More than 50 years of tradition and experience in the field of meat processing and production has been woven into the Tradicija Package. The carefully selected pieces of meat, gradually cured with the greatest amount of attention and enriched by the secret recipe passed on from one generation to another, bring an unrepeatable harmony of tastes to your table.

Paket Tradicija

  • Package Contents:

    • Karst Cured Pork Neck (1.1 kg)Block of Pancetta (2.30 kg)Vrgorac Prosciutto (1.20 kg)

      Minimum guaranteed package weight: 4.60 kg

      Gift: Surprise Package

      Price: HRK 500.00

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Vrgorac Package

It takes as long as 12 months of salting, curing and ripening for our prosciutto to get its distinct deep red color and aroma pervaded with the enticing smell of smoke, which is the result of the right proportion of warm and cold winds characteristic exclusively to Dalmatinska zagora, carefully selected wood used in the smoking process and, finally, patience because time cannot be fooled!

Paket Vrgorac

  • Package Contents:

    • Vrgorac Prosciutto (7.5 kg)
    • Minimum guaranteed package weight: 7.5 kg

    • Gift: Surprise Package
    • Price: HRK 800
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Pivac Package

From the embrace of Dalmatinska zagora we bring you a wealth of tastes of the Pivac quality enriched by the warmth of southern and the coldness of northern winds, the saltiness of the sea and the smell of smoke. Indulge in the unique culinary pleasure the Pivac Package brings.

Paket Pivac

  • Package Contents:

    • Vrgorac Prosciutto (7.50 kg)Karst Cured Pork Neck (1.1 kg)Minimum guaranteed package weight: 8.60 kgGift: Surprise PackagePrice: HRK 950.00 

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