Reference List


Apart from having more than 130 own stores, the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry is partner to and supplier of large chain stores, including Plodine d.d., Tommy d.o.o., Kerum d.o.o., Mercator-H d.o.o., Spar Hrvatska d.o.o., Lidl Hrvatska d.o.o., in Croatia Tuš and Merkator in Slovenia, and Karliko d.o.o., Ljubuški in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company also supplies large hotel chains, including:  Sunce koncern d.d., Hoteli Cavtat d.d., Excelsa hoteli d.o.o., Hoteli Makarska d.d., Importanne resort d.o.o. and more than 60 other hotels.

In total, our reference list exceeds 1,000 regular large and middle-sized customers, hotels and chain stores in several European countries.