Production Process


At the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry, the production process takes place at three production facilities situated in Vrgorac and Zavojani. Our production facilities include state-of-the-art equipment and they are under constant professional supervision. The long shelf life cured meat products are produced at two of the company’s production facilities, while short shelf life products and fresh meat are produced in the remaining one. The entire production is organized and based on the principle of cost-effectiveness as well as high environmental protection and sustainable development standards.

The production of all our meat delights rests on the combination of modern technologies and traditional knowledge and skills in the field of processing meat. The continuous education of our employees and modernization of our production lines have been adjusted to new technological findings and innovations. Continuous controls performed by veterinarians, microbiologists and sanitary technicians ensure not only the compliance of our food products with health safety regulations, but also high quality and even value of our products.


The quality control systems applied in our company ensure a high level of customer confidence in that our products comply with food hygiene and health safety regulations. The importance of applying such control systems in the entire process of producing meat and meat products is evident from the people’s increasing need for healthy and safe food.

HACCPHACCPHazard Analysis Critical Control Point – is an analysis of hazards and a process of determining the critical control points with the aim of preventing and controlling possible product contamination. By implementing the HACCP system, the producers ensure compliance of their food products with health safety regulations controlling the entire production process, from the beginning until the end. The HACCP system has been designed for the purpose of identifying the health safety risks as well as for the purpose of creating a strategy for preventing the occurrence of the same. It enables prevention and control in all production phases, not only by testing the final product. The preparation of control plans and the HCCP system implementation process require team work by professionals from various fields (microbiologists, chemists, maintenance technicians, veterinarians, etc.).

ISO 9001ISO 9001is a certificate on the basis of which an independent company, certified by an international institution, guarantees that the quality management system applied in the observed company complies with international standards. Therefore, the certificate does not guarantee a particular product’s quality per se, but it guarantees that your company has ensured a series of procedures used in the production process designed to keep the quality of your products on a high level with the aim of satisfying the customers. This is why this certificate is extremely important. It guarantees the customers that the company has introduced procedures ensuring improved quality of products or services, and that it is continuously implementing the same, thus distinguishing itself from other companies who are not implementing such procedures. The certification is issued by rating agencies certified by international institutions guaranteeing independence in the rating process.