Prosciutto, Pancetta and Karst Cured Pork Neck – the Fruits of the Bora 


We are presenting you a group of recipes using true delights as additional ingredients: prosciutto, pancetta or Karst cured pork neck. Start your delightful journey with this cook book and discover the new tastes of tradition by adding these three products into the dishes selected and prepared for you by culinary masters Branko Ognjenović and Tomislav Nikšić. Together with photos, artistically edited by Toni Damić, we have published these recipes in our cook book called S bure na pijat (From the Bora onto the Plate) issued by Profil International.

Just a taste of the traditional Dalmatian Prosciutto, Dalmatian Pancetta or Karst Cured Pork Neck is enough to take you back to the ancient times, to bear witness to the rich culinary history ofDalmatia. Tomislav Nikšić has placed emphasis on Mediterranean dishes, while Branko Ognjenović showed how Dalmatian delights can be blended with continental dishes. Besides meat products, the recipes also use other high-quality, recommended nutritious and dietetic ingredients, i.e. a true wealth of vegetables, spices and side-dishes.


The texts prepared by top connoisseurs employed by the leading producer of Dalmatian Prosciutto, Dalmatian Pancetta and Karst Cured Pork Neck, the Pivac Company from Vrgorac, will give you a picture of where and how these traditional delights have been created and just what kind of a journey they have passed over the centuries until finding their way to your table.


Apart from being Dalmatian specialties, their nutritional value has been known from the ancient times. Nutritionist Dr. Donatella Verbanac reveals a whole palette of the benefits and qualities of these special products. And, high-quality dishes must be complemented by high-quality wines. The book includes the recommendations by one of the best Croatian sommeliers, Željko Bročilović Carlos.


Open up to the challenge and let the fragrances of Dalmatiapervade your kitchen too.


You can browse the collection of texts and recipes from our cook book S bure na pijat (From the Bora onto the Plate) here.


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