Employment and Career


We started out as a family company and have experienced a huge business growth over decades of operation, so we did not know how else to proceed with our business operations and relationship with our employees but as a large family. The achievement of our high business goals and proved quality as well as our further growth and development would not be possible without that large family.



The Pivac Group today employs more than a thousand employees who, with their knowledge, skills and never-ending good mood, readily respond to all challenges related to the preservation of an old tradition in the modern business world. Their commitment to their jobs, creativity and efficiency are recognized and rewarded. Special attention is dedicated to the preservation of the old family working environment that allows room for open dialogue, team work and building trust.

Our business family grows and develops together with our business. We invite all proactive, committed people, ready to respond to new challenges to join our team. In turn, we offer a chance for personal and professional development, the best working conditions and progress.