Pivac and the Community


To live and work in the community is an important part of our mission. With our efforts aimed at improving the living and education or ensuring progress to all age groups through various charity campaigns, donations and scholarships, we are achieving that goal as well, regardless of whether we are reaching out to the socially threatened, the especially gifted or all citizens together.

Our engagement is especially noticeable in the field of:

  • * Promotion of a  healthy lifestyle and development of a sports culture by making donations to various sports clubs and events.
  • * Provision of sponsorships to various non-profit associations and participation in charity projects and events in order to ensure support and contribution in the process of resolving the problems of the wider social community, as well as to hear, recognize and resolve the problems and needs of the socially threatened at the local level.
  • * Whole-hearted support to cultural projects both at the local and at the state level with the aim of promoting and improving the quality of the cultural life of the community.
  • * Development of youth education projects and participation in the same, especially in the field of meat industry; each year we employ young butchers graduating from the Tin Ujević Secondary School – Vrgorac.

Each year the number of students receiving a scholarship from the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry increases. Aware of the sacrifices the student life entails, we are extremely glad that our business results allow us to provide scholarships to an increasing number of students each year. The scholarship competitions are announced directly before the beginning of the new academic year, so make sure to check our website regularly.


Believing that Mother Earth has always been and will always be our most important partner, environmental protection and high ecological standards make some of the core principles of the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry. The environmental protection plan presupposes complete solutions in the sector of wastewaters, air pollution and waste management. The entire production process, from raw materials to final products, and all other activities fully comply with the valid legal provisions concerning environmental protection applicable in the EU.

By living and working in harmony with people and nature, we protect the environment by making continuous investments in ecological standards and by applying the principle of sustainable development in line with the world standards.

We hope that our business operations and our campaigns will help all citizens and visitors to the region of Vrgorac as well as all those who strive to raise the quality of living in our community through their work and efforts.