KOGO Fish and Seafood


In addition to fresh meat and meat products, the offer of the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry is enriched with the line of fresh and frozen fish and seafood sold under the Kogo brand. In cooperation with shipping companies and producers from all over the world, the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry packs the KOGO products mainly in its own packing facility and distributes them to the stores across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. In Croatia, Kogo products are sold through the company’s retail stores and large chain stores such as Plodine, Getro, Kerum, Tommy, Diona and Interspar.

In addition to the line of Kogo products intended for retail sales, which currently includes 22 products, the offer of the Pivac Brothers Meat Industry includes 100 frozen fish and seafood products intended for the culinary program.

 As far as the culinary program is concerned, we are recognized as a quality, reliable and favorable partner and we cooperate with numerous public institutions (hospitals, kindergartens, student centers), hotels from Cavtat to Opatija, as well as restaurants and regional wholesalers.

 In our wish to provide the best possible support to our partners, we have recently started distributing fresh sea fish as well.


Dried Cod, FINNMARKEN, 400-600g

Dried Cod, FINNMARKEN, 600-800g

Dog Cockles in Shells, 30-40 pcs/kg, IQF

Cuttlefish Black Ink, 16g (4×4), bag

Cattlefish Black Ink, 500g, jar

Mussel Meat, 150-200g, IQF

Smoked Tuna Fillets

Smoked Salmon Chunks, 500g

Smoked Salmon, 200g

Two-banded Seabream, 500-600 g, styrofoam box with lid

Mediterranean Sand Smelt, IQF, 5-7cm, 500g, bag

Cleaned Octopus, 1800-2700g, ball shape

Cleaned Octopus, 2700-3600g, ball shape

Cleaned Octopus, 450-900g, ball shape

Cleaned Octopus, 800-1200g

Cleaned Octopus, 900-1800g, ball shape

Scallop Meat in Shell Halves, 20% glazed, IQF

Scallop Meat, 20-30 pcs/kg, 45% glazed, IQF

Scallops in Shells, 5-7kg, IQF

Lobster, 575-630 g, Cuba, cooked

Lobster, 580-630g, 630-680g, USA, fresh

Californian Trout, cleaned, 200g

John Dory, 500-3000g, styrofoam box with lid

Prawns, de-shelled meat, 100-200 pcs/kg, 35% glazed

Prawns, de-shelled meat, 50-70 pcs/kg, 35 glazed

Prawns, de-shelled meat, 30-50 pcs/kg, 35 glazed

Prawns, de-shelled meat, 70-100 pcs/kg, 35 glazed

Prawns, black tiger, 16-20, 1kg; 25% glazed

Calamari C2 (20-25 cm)

Calamari C3 (15-20 cm)

Calamari South Africa \”M\” (18-25 cm)

Calamari South Africa \”S\” ( -18cm)

Calamari California \”Sea Wave\”, 1 kg, USA organic

Calamari China, 3-6cm, 10% glazed

Calamari Rings

Calamari Rings and Tentacles, pad, vacuum-packed, 500g

Calamari L. Vulgaris 100-200g

Calamari New Zealand, 100-200g

Calamari NZ, uncleaned, pad, vacuum-packed, 1 kg

Calamari NZ, cleaned, KOGO, 1 kg, 10% glazed

Breaded Calamari Rings

Calamari Patagonia C (9-12 cm)

Calamari Patagonia C3 (13-18cm)

Calamari Patagonia C4 (12-15 cm)

Calamari Patagonia C4 (10-12 cm)

Calamari Patagonia C4L (13-17cm)

Small Calamari, 3-5 cm, 10% glazed

Shortfin Calamari, 18-21cm

Sole Fillets, 120-180g, IQF

European Flounder, 250-350g

Flatfish, 300-500g

Salmon, head removed, 3 kg+

Salmon Fillet with Skin, +800g

Salmon Steak

Mussel Meat, vacuum packed, 250g

Vongola Meat, 300-700g, IQF

Shark Meat Chunks, 3-5 kg

Shark Steak, 25% glazed

Hake, head removed (M. Hubbsi), 200-300g, interleaved

Hake, head removed, HOKI, 100-250g

Hake, head removed, vacuum-packed, 100-250g, cca.1 kg

Hale Fillets (Allaska pollock)

Hake Fillets (M.Hubbsi), 200-300g, 60g+

Hake Filles, vacuum-packed, 500g, A.Pollock

Sand Steenbras, 400-1000 g, styrofoam box with lid

Breaded Calamari, cube, 100g

Breaded Fish Sticks, Bastoncini

Breaded Calamari Sticks, 25g

Surimi Breaded Prawn Tails, KOGO, 250g

Surimi Breaded, cut, KOGO, 250g

Sprats, IQF, cca.100 pcs/kg

Sprats, KOGO, 1000g, bag

Sprats, block, cca. 100 pcs/kg

Seafood (without surimi sticks), Kogo

Seafood, Kogo

Seafood, Nakar

Seafood, vacuum-packed, 250g

Seafood, vacuum-packed, 500g

Prawn Tails, VP KOGO, pad, vacuum-packed, 250g, 35% glazed

Swordfish Chunks, vacuum-packed, 3-5 kg

Swordfish Steak, 150-300g

Sharpsnout Seabream, 600-800 g, styrofoam box with lid

Carp Fillets, IQF, IWP

Cuttlefish, 500-1000g, 1000-2000g, 5% glaz.

Cuttlefish, vacuum-packed, cca. 1 kg

Shrimps 13-16, 1 kg, 20%

Shrimps 17-20, 1 kg, 20% glazed

Shrimps 20-30, 1 kg, 20% glazed

Shrimps 4-7, 1 kg, 20% glazed

Shrimps 8-12, 1 kg, 20% glazed

Grouper, head removed, 150-250g, jap. rez.[1], block

Grouper, head removed, 300-500g, jap. rez., IWP,IQF

Grouper, head removed, vacuum-packed, cca. 600g, jap. rez.

Grouper Fillets, 140-160g, 10% glazed, IQF

Grouper, 400-2000 g, styrofoam box with lid

Mackerel, KOGO, 1000g, bag

Mackerel, 3-5 pcs/kg, IQF

Mackerel, 4-7 pcs/kg

Salted Anchovies

Pikeperch Fillets, IQF

Catfish, head, tail and skin removed, 800-1500g

Catfish Fillet, IQF

Surimi Breaded Prawn Tail

Surimi Breaded Sticks, cut (crab taste)

Surimi Lobster Tail, KOGO, 250g

Surimi Prawn Tail, KOGO, 500g

Surimi Sticks, KOGO, 250g

Surimi Sticks, cut (crab taste), 1.5 cm

Goatfish, G, 100-200g

Tuna Steak, 25% glazed

Vongola in Shells, 50-90 pcs/kg, IQF

Frog’s Legs, 21-30 LB, 500g

Dentex, 2 kg

Dentex, 200-400g

Dentex, 400-1000 g, styrofoam box with lid

Dentex, 400-600g

Dentex, 600-800g