FIGO Frozen Vegetables


The Pivac Brothers Meat Industry is a distributor of McCain Foods Limited, the world’s number one producer of pommes frites, frozen vegetables, palm oil and dried cod. The distribution of frozen vegetables will soon be initiated under the company’s own brand – FIGO.

 Figo is a trademark for the frozen vegetable program. The line of products includes: frozen chickpeas, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, Swiss chard, carrots, Brussels sprouts, spinach, sweet corn, fava beans, pommes frites, croquettes, potato slices and gnocchi.



Swiss Chard Leaves, block (Homifreez, Belgium)

Swiss Chard Leaves, serving (Homifreez, Belgium)

Fava Beans, IQF (Homifreez, Belgium)

Broccoli (Homifreez, Belgium)

Cauliflower (Homifreez, Belgium)

Chickpeas (Homifreez, Belgium)

Brussels Sprouts (Homifreez, Belgium)

Croquettes, McCain, 2500g

Potato Pieces

Potato Slices

Sweet Corn (Homifreez, Belgium)

Cut Green Beans (Homifreez, Belgium)

Vegetable Mix, Broccoli mix (Homifreez, Belgium)

Soup Mix (Homifreez, Belgium)

Baby Carrots (Homifreez, Belgium)

Carrot Cubes (Homifreez, Belgium)


Pommes Frites A Class, McCain

Pommes Frites B Class, Caterpack-favorit

Pommes Frites Express, McCain

Russian Salad – chickpeas, carrots, potatoes (Dujardin, Belgium)

Spinach Leaves, serving (Homifreez, Belgium)